The president of the Chamber of the Footwear Industry, Alberto Sellaro, now stressed that the border reached an agreement of quota operations limited for two years acquiring 24 million double, the term argued that the internal transfer was reduced 25 and 30%. We made a peace of parts with largely good intentions of the national government this year is capped at 24 million pairs and next year in the same amount,” said Sellaro evidence to Radio Belgrano.


 He also noted that “the factory is working not entrenched as in previous years because there is a weakness in the buffet on consumption. The settlement was reduced from 25% to 30%.In that regard, he explained that “if the year before they entered the village imported 22,700,000 pairs, that would affect 5%, and having depressed point the market is compounded because the amount is similar to last year.” When prompted a pair of male in a shopping costs including $ 3,000, he replied that in the Buenos Aires district of Lanús the same pair costs $ 1,200.

The best country male shoe is made in an industry Lanus” he said, and said it sold “to a host of brands.” When he asked why the high cost of shoes in shopping malls, said that in these commercial centers must be purchased “tenements close to $ 200,000, occur 10% of the expended more extravagance and promotions“; adding that in Avenida de Mayo, half a stable of July 9, the same pair costs between $ 1,800 and $ 1,900.


 On shoes midwife, he estimated that a good pair of espadrilles can penetrate between $ 600 and $ 700, and a pair of shoes good dimension around $ 1,200in every neighborhood.” Out of the shopping come in between 40% and 50% less,” said Sellaro.

Footwear: reach agreement to limit imports for two years

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