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The former president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, faces kidnapping wealth, banking relations and abrogation of subsidies cradle of judicial prosecution against him, which also could cause the load. Less than a year after abjured employment, the president, who ruled for two consecutive times, from 2007 to 2015, suffers from a judicial harassment that prevents him from taking effect interest rate which accumulated the space of your deceased spouse and ancestor, Nestor Kirchner. The end of his rule, on 9 December, accelerated unequal judicial trials in which he is being investigated for alleged illegal profit, public distribution deception and washing ticket. Since 2003, when Nestor Kirchner assumed superiority, even 2010, the promised increased its rate from 7.1 to 80 million pesos (about 15 million dollars of the time), always reported increases in their public property evidence.

 He justified his political partner atocinada capital from successful real estate business, while opposing leaders accused instructions disintegration and pushed against him. After Nestor died in October 2010, personal bienandanza his widow was reduced because of the capital was partitioned between Florence and Máximo her cubs. In his last year in office, Fernandez de Kirchner said means for 64.6 million of excise taxes (about 3.6 million dollars), however in July the blockade judge works, domains, transport and influences laboras so you can not not transfer sell while so it is investigated.

 Bonadio is passive prudence against Fernandez de Kirchner in which he is accused of having participated in a fraudulent cheesecloth to countersign from your order as president, early transfer of dollars that caused a wealthy aggravating the state. Since then, the judge has tightened the evaluation of various estates of the former president to decide whether declared its real courage. This week, above, the Federal Court confirmed the kidnapping of 5.6 million dollars Florencia Kirchner had cash in coffins of conviction and bank pellets.

 Last July, Judge Julian Ercolini favorably resolved in order for the prosecution in a stepmother in which the former president is accused of damage to public management, capital laundering and illegal adornment. The award Ercolini considered Fernandez de Kirchner gave the nubs magnates her daughter to the constitution could not freeze, which ultimately could not escape. Also this week the command warned that Kirchner should abdicate one of entreambas subsidies received as a former president and widow of the former president, and will have to recognize the funds gained by this self-absorption since January.

Cristina Fernandez faces garnishment for legal reasons

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