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 By “cheaper each sequence” values and a maximum initiation by the airlines, the shedding of passengers has grown substantially. Only between 2010 and 2015, the Guadalajara International Airport has saved 48.6 million to heirs. According fair values of Pacific Airport Group (Gap), the avalanche of every elder succession no matter who in the end could imply a risk of confusion for the early years of the next division. That truth now reached Mexico City.

 Pantry even outgoing from 07:00 22:59 hours: from September 2014 declaratory of shame in the vaporous atmosphere was issued. Bureaucratic specimen “Navigation Services in Mexican Airspace” reported that for three years (2013) ago, purchases exceeded the maximum data that can be warned per hour in more than 52 bargains.

 No matter who increasingly want sojourn in succession spaceship. And not only those who use the profits of commercial public transportation to go to manage your ticket airlines also individuals who have the capital to get an airplane and put in menstruation before the Civil Aeronautics of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation ( Sct).


 In this context, in the last five years the air squadron in the village (success in areas like fixed wing rotary wing) has matured in 983 individuals. While in 2010 there were five thousand 486/2 transportation, for September this year were immediately six thousand 469. On average, a new one squadron was added every two courses in two thousand 100 passed (three per week), from 1 January 2011 and 31 September. According to Pelaez Miguel Lira, governor of Civil Aviation of Sct, bureaucratic custom following the transaction spacecraft it is cleared space in a three-month average. It is he who believes that accessibility is what rates increased not only the number of graceful, but the number of aircraft in Franco country.

 “If the light transport each sequence has a veteran protest is because rates that are maximum outburst, maximum fitness and more understandable for pouches. If I find out the costs the same bus as the spacecraft, since I better go in spacecraft because it is a small period, mature tranquility and the same price “. He adds that the increase can still be found as a “thermometer” of progress and development of skills. An orientation that still is integral range. Local airlines are buying more airplanes, more communications equally and, elsewhere, their templates crew must mature in poverty increased guarismo“.

 Period 2010-2015 While drivers are tripling the figure of special ships and helicopters in the Mexican delicate parterre grew from 486 in 2010 five thousand to six thousand 469 in 2016 (15%), the notation of Mexicans who handled a waiver director before the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) tripled in that time.

 Data from the Civil Aviation Authority show that in the last five years the number of dispensations issued postboy you grew from three thousand to nine thousand 871 047: 3.2 more occasions. Today, for every two aircraft in the department there are three airmen, when in 2010 had four each, respectively. Miguel Pelaez Lira, manager of Civil Aeronautics of Sct explains that 10% of directors in the village (987) hogaño work for a particular regularly for employers with budget sufficiency to buy a plane, jet set or helicopter. In addition, 44% of these (four thousand 344) are in the nomenclátoras Mexican airlines, and the remaining (four thousand 540) are in mandates to become commercial crew.

 Javier Saravia is one of the drivers who work on commercial airlines. Already it exceeded 20,000 hours of Flit and is less than a year of retirement. The quality of his work has consented to warn him in heaven dawn and sunset Alaska travel in Europe in less than 24 hours. During his travels he has avoided obstacles, how to maneuver after receiving the effect of lightning, yet but has also endured the convenience of reading a boreal dawn aboard a Boeing 777. In all, he says, “except a UFO.

Air traffic grows in Mexico: three aircraft are purchased per week

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