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A three trips of votes, the Social Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton leads his Republican challenger Donald Trump, by three percentage points, in a new dug entourage of The Washington Post / abc.

 Clinton still leads the advance in the accounts of decisive Electoral College, but lost field in the states of Arizona, Ohio and New Hampshire, which improved the headquarters of Trump however continues in a distant second enclosure. Nationally, Clinton’s successor with the goal of apparently 47 percent of Americans who are bienquistos truthful voters in the referendums of 8 November, meanwhile Trump appears with 43 percent, length inside the coast of error search.

 The statistical convenience of former madama on American magnate is equal to four percentage brains priority wearing Barak Obama Mitt Romney to these levels of nominations 2012. However, the survey suggests that Clinton was damaged by the intervention the Fbi in the vote, every opportunity that appears behind Trump when asked voters to consider which of the candidates straighter and demure.

 In antagonism, former Secretary of State maintains anticipation about Trump in two important segments of the electorate, African Americans and Latinos, where it appears with 80 and 48 percentage points of primacy, respectively. Separately, The Washington Post placed Clinton with 81 electoral superiority of views on the degree of electoral pensioned crucial. Clinton appears with 290 electoral opinions, in other words 20 more than those due to defeat, meanwhile billionaire figure with 209 electoral views. Numeral atlas presentation nonetheless a Clinton enervation in three critical towns: Arizona, Ohio and New Hampshire, the latter two having been hatos by Barak Obama in 2012. Although Arizona has defrayed by a Republican presidential pretender since 1996, when he did by William Clinton, liberal convictions had to wrest control retrogressive. 

 The Washington Post suggests that in recent maturities returned to decant the state to the Republicans. To strengthen its place in Ohio, Clinton has scheduled a Sunday appeared with the figure of the Nba Lebron James, the leader Obama meanwhile has selected schedule a visiting New Hampshire on Monday, a previously path designations.

Clinton beats Trump three days before the election

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