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The Republican applicant to the White House, Donald Trump, campaigned in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania with hopes of launching the electoral commitments set out to turn it on November 8 to a plane in which its tolerant rival, Hillary Clinton, lost domain. Trump held a rally in Atkinson, New Hampshire State and then moved to Hershey (Pennsylvania), another of the estates where the Republican should be required to agree to the White House.

 All political projections based on state by state investigations have corseted expectations that Clinton is made with convenience with the minimum of 270 electoral faiths that an applicant leader needs to be crowned winner. The magnate turned into political field is gaining in recent polls of arms that could Sticking awarding the White House, especially in North Carolina, New Hampshire or Ohio, where the average survey conducted by RealClearPolitics gives notes conveniences Republican suitor. Trump is still cutting the convenience of Clinton in Pennsylvania, a state in which the two candidates campaigned, aware that the 20 electoral views that grants will be essential to match the 270 required to proclaim himself president.

 Former Secretary of State, meanwhile, table with an army of free, artists and politicians high trait to mobilize voters and councils that could encasquetar the necessary utility to perceive conquests, more than in traditionally liberal arms any of the countries called flapper. Efe OAS observers mission electoral full deployment The first electoral apostolada of the Organization of American States (OAS) in the United States completed the deployment of its observers and graduates for the general selections neighbor Tuesday, November 8, reported that substance.

 The 41 election observers, 18 citizenships, started retained this week to 11 states and the District of Columbia, extensions on the international look, unlike 11 other countries where it is limited or this type of protection is prohibited is allowed. The OAS staff is in California, Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New York, Rhode Island and Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia, reported the OAS said in a statement.

Donald Trump seeks votes in ‘Clinton area’

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