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Mark Zuckerberg had a creepy maturity. Facebook founder lost three billion dollars (MMDD) on the courage of the work of the social network on Thursday, one of the largest daily frustrations for a particular investor.

 The energies of Facebook fell 5.5% after the leader of economies of certification warn investors about the upcoming slowdown in earnings from ads. Zuckerberg has 418 million Facebook activities, which still amount to 50 billion 200 million dollars. Bloomberg dependence passion that the total degree of Zuckerberg is 52 billion 200 million dollars, which places it as the manly recruiting more flow in space, down from Warren Buffett. However, despite the decline Thursday, Facebook activities have taxed mint 15% during the year, increasing the courage of the estate of Zuckerberg at six thousand 400 million dollars so far in 2016.

 Meanwhile, prosecutors in Munich, Germany, opened seasoning against the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, for complicity in the failure of excitement to hatred and betrayal of the Holocaust, among others, into account retransmission of reports of hate through this social network.

According to Der Spiegel newspaper advice, the penetrations are directed against Zuckerberg, the manager of the agency Sheryl Sandberg and their representatives in Europe, Richard Allan and Eva-maria Kirscsieper.

Mark Zuckerberg lost three MDD by a phone call

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