Mexico City (02 / nov / 2016) .-

The weakness of the external market and the universal chrematistic above the estrada oil extraction, the burdens of public inconsistency, the cost of black gold export, and fiscal policy that being implemented, are the aspects that could bar the economic progress of Mexico in the doomed months, said private-edge specialists consulted by the Banco de Mexico (Banxico).

 Experienced anticipated for the quarter hovel 2016 and the initial 2017una interbank rate anchor on top of the current gabela target of 4.75%, and crack the second quarter of 2017, all also expect a maximum load.


According to the “Survey outputs specialists chrematistic private edge” of October this year, the oracle for the surplus to lock this year rose to 3.27% from 3.18 estimated in September%, meanwhile than 2017 rose to 3.57% from 3.45% previously. Regarding the progress of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), specialists adjusted downward their dignity for 2016 to 2.07% from the previous level of 2.13 percent.

The experts consulted by the substantial footstool modified tamvién the possibility for the kind of progress Canons 18.69 per dollar for the catch of the year from the previous honor of 18.84 pesos per dollar.

In subjection flush rate advantage Cetes 28 trips, this year respondents raised their hope for the pre-4.91% month in October from 4.69% in September, and for 2017 rose to 5.50% on the gabela pre 5.29 percent.

Insecurity and crude, obstacles to growth

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