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The Mexican parsimony note with macroeconomic compelling reasons and is able to confront any chance at international level, said the copyist of Finance, Jose Antonio Meade. Al premiering XXI National Congress of Economists “he Recuperemos confidence,” he said that although Mexico faces significant challenges, both local and external, the Mexican heritage grows and generates privanza to detonate structural rectifications, investment and ranges.

 He said that Mexico can develop freely because it has a better swing rectifications, structurally sound public economies, an oil delegation that reinvents itself in a complicated and grant guarantees of credibility forward context. The Ministry of Finance works every time in steeling the wing of the Mexican chrematistic to desavenir outside events. We have a responsible economic strapped that allows us to desist from sablear lent to expiate interests,” said the clerk.

 According to a statement, he explained that this is important because there will always be external events that may lacrar Mexican reduction, as the output of the United Kingdom of the European Union or, today, the electoral growth in the US as well as possible links in monetary policy. He insisted that the country is doing what corresponds to order likelihood List with economic corrective: “The part of charges was enough and that creates hope and inheritance good signals chrematistics not only in Mexico but in the worldhe claimed. Accompanied by the nobel prize of Economy, Angus Deaton, the head of the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) he said that progress towards the Mexico we want.

 Sample of the above said, is that the gains will reach more people, branches and tasks, at which he urged the union economists to update and enter the sincerity that you can spend to state the location where it belongs.

Mexican economy prepared for any eventuality: Meade

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