Mexico City (30 / oct / 2016) .-

Mexico ranked hovel village tax competitiveness at full step, due to its low tax costs to act benefits, according to a dispatch from the international consultant KPMG, reported the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

The hierarchy said that obsolete travel, KPMG published the analysis “Focus Fiscal 2016” (Focus on Tax) in which the total tax cost to communities in 10 nations (Germany, Australia, Canada, USA, France, Holland is evaluated , Italy, Japan, Mexico and the UK) and 111 capitals. He noted that the figure compares the fiscal cost for companies considering taxes to union charges, weights to flow, sales tax, inheritance tax and various tax official. Thus, the Index Total Tax (IIT) measures the taxes paid by administrations in a given place, shown as weight of total taxes paid by the authorities in the United States that has a Iit 100, which represents the goal of news against which other states and capitals will be compared.

Among small notation is better, since it would mean to work profits last fiscal costs, he added the Finance Secretariat in its Spokesmanship Weekly Report. According to the report, coinciding with the reputed countries, Canada remained in first village in the class, entering IIT 52.4 factors, which means that the total fiscal cost in the country is 47.6 percent youngest child in the United States . In second and third village, he said, are UK and the Netherlands with 64.5 and 68.2 IIT enveros, respectively.

In Mexico placed side bedroom with an amount of 68.5 hits, implying that the total fiscal cost in our district for companies is 31.5 percent last thing in the United States. At the other extreme is France with IIT 136.6 degrees, which means that their tax costs are 36.6 percent higher than in the United States. The report analyzes the tax competitiveness of 111 capitals above 10 people. 51 main villages of the world (two to four capitals by country), apart from other towns with villages to save two million (mainly in the US) were selected. This by reflecting that are the villas with maximum effort for seeking laboras place where its international business operations, said the federal clamping leg on Kpmg test. Of these 51 stocks selected, 31 correspond to the United States, three to Australia, three to Canada, two to Italy, two in France, two in Japan, two in Mexico, two Dutch, two to Germany and two in the UK. The results for the 51 main towns are consistent with national results. Thus, Toronto, Canada, is ranked first category site of 2016 with 47.4 Itt lace, indicating that the total tax that village prison for tasks is 52.6 percent last thing in the United States. They were followed by Vancouver, Canada, (49.0) and Manchester, United Kingdom (55.7).

Within 10 original sites two capitals of Mexico were located. In the well-bottle of the international class Monterrey, Nuevo Leon stood, and in the eighth Mexico City with IIT 66.1 and 70.9 lace, in that job, is that the total tax costs are 33.9 and 29.1 percent small , respectively, US. As for the results Edge, Mexico moved on top in the category, ranking the second attitude on the edge of industry, which manages the last Iit and effective gabela beocio of the three kinds of taxes: on corporate rate, taxes and other union labor costs, said the SHCP


Mexico, fourth in tax competitiveness

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