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 US leader Barack Obama and the defeated candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday urged calls to the local section in an effort to ensure a smooth transition to the Intendance Headed by Republican Donald Trump.

 The outgoing commissioner recalled that when he first came to the White House in 2008, he had profound differences with then-leading George W. Bush. But President Bush’s staff could not have been more unionized and kinder in making a smooth transition … I have given cause to my group to associate the model that President Bush established eight years ago,” he said.

 The lieutenant. Past the rubber of Trump’s sensational celebrity, the country’s attention today focuses on the urgency of the new leader to direct his government swear to begin to comply to give up on January 20, when it will be the retransmission of power.

Former House Speaker Newt Gringrich is one of the prestigious ones being handled to take over the country of state, as well as the Parliament Bob Corker, president of the Embassy of Foreign Affairs of the Senate. Parliamentarian Jeff Sessions, an ingredient of the Armed Forces delegation in that room, is a noted name as an optional copyist for Defense.

 Some indigestible weights of Yankee policy that unconditionally supported Trump during the campaign – such as former New York corregidor Rudy Giuliani and New Jersey corregidor Chris Christie – will also be grateful for their aid. In the economic field, analysts mention the banker Carl Icahn as a renown to be engaged in pearl, as well as Steve Mnuchin, former senior officer of Goldman Sachs.

 Trump, a patron without any political expertise, broke all auspices Tuesday and surprised the planet by becoming the 45th president of the United States. Impulsive, likewise vulgar opportunities, the future representative of 70 years moderated his pompous aggressive to know the results that put end to a polarized electoral campaign against Clinton, plagued of oaths and personal impulses. “I will be the president of all Americans,” said this reality star in his triumphant, incommunicado plot by his relative, Melania Trump and his children, in New York. “The forgotten males and relatives of our district will not be forgotten,” he added in his first tweet as the main favorite, in relation to his main base: the rural opinion and craftsman I roll.

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