New York, United States (09 / Nov / 2016) .-


 They hoped for a spree, but Tuesday’s shadow ended up being a funeral group for the thousands of New Yorkers who gathered at the Times Square facility to officiate what they augurated would be An acoustic prestige of Hillary Clinton. With abundant panoramas of people crying, head down and silent, Agora Times Square, where the results of the nominations were donated in real time in huge screens, looked unrecognizable.

 Thousands of supporters of Liberal Hillary Clinton, who was a congresswoman for New York and whose tent and living quarters are located in this capital, were left with the desire to celebrate the success of what would have been the first wife president in the United States . When it became clear that the attack for conquest was unrealistic for the former Secretary of State, New Yorkers and vacationers began to dislodge the sand, which was left with only a few people with similarly fixed visions on blinds that showed results every succession Shady Rodrigo Velázquez, a visitor from Mexico, said he had appealed to Times Square to witness a historic affair, however, that the results of the elections modified his projects, equivalent to the thousands of anyone gathered in that talk. “It’s supernatural to see the surface of people in Times Square, they look like unfortunate physicists, people do not seem to get their hands on what’s going on.

 ” We looked at Twitter for the entire time period to see how the results are progressing because we do not think it would happen ” , Velázquez told Notimex. At that moment, when Trump’s conquest was immediately clear, futures for the encomienda battles included in the Dow Jones index had plunged more than 700 sides, while the Mexican peso had reached historic lows. Fear for Latino migrants in New York, one of the villages considered sanctuaries for any non-exits in the United States, was especially vehement because of Trump’s campaign offerings about deporting the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this territory.

 Maximina Santana, a Dominican immigrant who arrived in New York 10 years ago, said that the voting results were “impressive” for what Trump would mean for this town to obey its campaign oblations. “Many things are in reserve, not only the expatriation, as many people think, but the country’s lack of space and investments is a lot, because it is a madman who is going to govern us,” Santana said. In a visit with Notimex, Santana said she is “very scared” for what could materialize Trump’s sovereignty, and regretted that Latinos did not come out to defraud in petulant divisor to suspend the honor of the Republican. “This obscurity of the homeland played an important role,” said Santana, “but if the Latinos had paid for Latinos, Trump would not be winning.” In spite of the zabida and the generalized contrariety, there were people who celebrated, then outside inside of themselves and without manifesting it openly.

 Laura Martinez, Uruguayan immigrant with more than 20 years in the United States, considered that the Americans voted for Trump because they feel that the leader Barack Obama did not fulfill the changes that promised eight years ago to keep to the Presidency. “The rapprochement with Cuba is their only achievement, but the Guantanamo jail is still open and every occasion is more costly,” said Martínez. “The people are fed up with this dependence on governments.”

New York, sad and unbelieving after Trump triumph

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