Samsung’s operating profit fell 30% in the third quarter due to the objections presented sagacious phone Galaxy Note 7.

The maximum operational convenience perspicacious phone manufacturer balloon was 4,570 million dollars, according to its financial report.

 The decade removable boatos Samsung reported an operating benefit of 88 million USD dollars, the lowest from the chamber quarter 2008. earnings discerning phones and tablets have been the main driver of ennoblement of Samsung in a universal technology giant, accounting for 38% of total revenue in 2015.

South Korea’s approval had initially considered a privilege of 6,860 billion dollars, but cut its projections to accuse the desvaloraciones derived from the privacy of your phone Galaxy Note 7.

  One week ago Aeroméxico, Volaris Interjet and banned the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on their flits by privanza technology entity and United States Department of Transportation


Maybe the explosions generated by the Note 7 will produce multimillion Samsung degenerations, however for today, the scar maintains a full first site in the smartphone market among Mexican heirs.

According to elements of The Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU), South Korea’s slogan controls 30.9% market share in Mexico, highly away from the second place, Lg, which has a 15.4% and followed the length by Apple in third place, with 12.4%. Even more relevant is the fact that Samsung has developed its pedestal obtained heirs by 71%, similar to that reported by Lg amount.

“That increase is explained to come from groups offering all gradations and technology notes, from affordable amounts,” says the CIU. In the distance, behind increasing, they are Apple and Motorola, and third place room, with upturns in liquidations of 12.4 and 13.3%, respectively. screen-shot-10/13/2016-at-12-30-48-pm Increasing Samsung occurs in PERIQUETES in which the admission of perspicacious phone notification a surge 30.9% last year, compared with a decline 34.1% in the size of liquidation of feature phones.

It was in February 2015 reported that the CIU first time the show friable sagacious phones overtook traditional. Thus, “to latch the second quarter of 2016 (1t16), accounted for 109.7 million removable lines, of which 74.8% are smartphones, this represents 82.0 million operating tackle,” says the CIU.

Samsung profits are reduced by 30% fiasco Galaxy Note 7

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