The President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto announced this afternoon that he called Donald Trump to congratulate him for the triumph he won in the United States elections held yesterday.

Since the victory of the Republican candidate was reported this morning, the Mexican president had not spoken directly to the winner, but only to the US election day through the Foreign Ministry.

He acknowledged that the ties between Mexico and the United States are inseparable and that a path of prosperity must be undertaken.

The chief of the executive said that his priority is “to take care of Mexico and protect the Mexicans”, so that it will be given “with all capacity to watch over the rights, well-being and interests of Mexicans wherever they may be .

Peña Nieto said that he shares Trump’s vision of working together since Mexico has an ally, partner and neighbor in the United States.

He informed that both agreed that their work teams would contact to outline a new work agenda and confirmed that he made an invitation to the President-elect of the United States to hold a meeting in the transition period and to define the course that will follow. Bilateral relationship; Although he did not define either exact place or dates of the meeting.

Peña congratulates Trump for triumph, finally

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