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 If the applicant Republican Donald Trump won the US presidency and fulfill its offering gravitate acquisitions, unleash a “brutal inflation” that “shatter” chrematistics of that state, he said the rich Carlos Slim Helu, honorary chairman of Grupo Carso.

 Slim, the maximum personal cambista of The New York Times and charged Trump to enjoy that day to attack, said a honora Republican is implausible, however in the event meet at the White House economic consequences would be much more serious for US to Latin America.

 United States “matter consumption funds around the world” and if Trump were to encumber with an estimated 35% tax, “all operations increase 15% or 20%. Would destroy the Yankee frugality with a brutal wealth, “Slim, owner of the fourth universal chance, Forbes said. Erections in America are fed up strong. can not penetrate the leader of the Republic to arbitrarily trocar certain things, “Slim said Trump.

The economic consequences would be much more serious for the US than for Latin America.

“The Institutions in the US are very strong. can not get the president to arbitrarily change certain things” Slim said.


Trump would destroy the US economy: Slim

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